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A Pretty Lame Pokem*n Adventure Manga :iconrainwhisker-lover:Rainwhisker-lover 3 0 A Pretty Lame Pokem*n Adventure :: Teaser :iconrainwhisker-lover:Rainwhisker-lover 2 0 A Pretty Lame Pokem*n Adventure:: Chapter 2 :iconrainwhisker-lover:Rainwhisker-lover 1 0 A Pretty Lame Pokem*n Adventure :: A fan-manga :iconrainwhisker-lover:Rainwhisker-lover 4 0 Frames Per Second Chapter 2 :iconrainwhisker-lover:Rainwhisker-lover 0 0 Frames Per Second Chapter 1 :iconrainwhisker-lover:Rainwhisker-lover 0 0 Zweilous Gijinka :iconrainwhisker-lover:Rainwhisker-lover 5 0 Skipping Claydol :iconrainwhisker-lover:Rainwhisker-lover 2 0 A Pretty Lame Pokem*n Adventure: Fan Comic :iconrainwhisker-lover:Rainwhisker-lover 0 0 The Goose Boy: Preview :iconrainwhisker-lover:Rainwhisker-lover 4 0 He's just misunderstood. :iconrainwhisker-lover:Rainwhisker-lover 4 0 Frames Per Second Wallpaper: f4ncy_foxx :iconrainwhisker-lover:Rainwhisker-lover 1 0 Rogue Horses Sand Fox :iconrainwhisker-lover:Rainwhisker-lover 1 0 Fox Play :iconrainwhisker-lover:Rainwhisker-lover 3 2 Grelle Lox :iconrainwhisker-lover:Rainwhisker-lover 2 6 Day Three: Braviary :iconrainwhisker-lover:Rainwhisker-lover 3 2

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What is Real in a Dream :iconmoonsongwolf:MoonsongWolf 312 104 Imagine What We Could Be :iconmoonsongwolf:MoonsongWolf 427 184
Dog Star: Prologue
     Pale moonlight cast a sickly pallor over the endless stretch of snowy forest, and the air was so cold that it felt as if the stars themselves would freeze and fall from the sky. The chill northern wind whipped through the treetops, moaning like a lost soul. Bare, skeletal trees bowed sadly beneath a mantle of ice and snow. If there were a place and time on earth completely devoid of any light or life, this would have been it.
     Yet even in the bitter and unforgiving darkness of the northern winter night, life stirred, noble and defiant. A lean and hungry creature leaped through the undergrowth. Despite the fact that her pelt was almost as dusky as the night sky, her golden eyes blazed with the intensity of the absent sun. Snow flew in her wake, and the brittle, leafless branches snapped as she hurtled through them. She was not concerned with silence. The she-wolf Shade was hunting not for prey but for the favour of the gods.
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A Pretty Lame Pokem*n Adventure Manga
Have you ever wanted to experience a pokemon adventure with not 10 year olds?
Or how about a pokemon adventure that's a little dark, a little silly, a little cool, a little lame?
Or a pokemon adventure that's not just comic strips, but an actual well round story with arcs, character developement, actual aging?
Well, I have this comic/manga here where the readers get to choose if pokemon are caught, what happens in the plot, and even design characters to be featured in the story :)
/end self advertising

Here are the links to the full manga here:
Facebook Album:…
Official Website:…
A Pretty Lame Pokem*n Adventure :: Teaser
If you've ever wanted to experience a Pokemon Adventure but don't feel like watching Ash being Ash, or you've already read all the official mangas, or you just want a cool manga in a familiar universe, then you're not alone
I wanted to make a pokemon adventure that would have a good whole plot, whole characters, and pretty much a parody of the world of pokemon. Not just that, I decided that I wanted it to be interactive, so every update, the audience is given a choice to choose names for characters, their pokemon, or make choices that influence the plot.


Read more APLPA here:
Official Website:…
Facebook Album:…
A Pretty Lame Pokem*n Adventure :: A fan-manga
A thief and an aspiring trainer set off on a journey to catch pokemon? Maybe... probably... I hope so...
This is a interactive fanmade comedy comic of an adventure in the pokémon universe (please don't sue me). The story events and choices are decided by the audience!

A few months ago, I started writing and publishing a pokemon interactive fan comic/manga, I'm really proud of it and enjoy making it because of my amazing readers :)
Every update, the audience gets to choose what happens next, or they get to choose the characters' pokemon, and names
Please check it out if you like pokemon and want more adventure in a familiar world with more plot and character development than the anime (no offense to the anime)

Because I don't trust deviantart with my art, here's the links
Official website:…
FB album:…
Frames Per Second Chapter 2
Our group of online friends start unknowingly crossing paths in real life. Kazuko battles his real-life demons by beating up in-game monsters.

Read here:…
Or here:…


United States
bestest friends...:iconwerewolves-are-free: and :iconak-manga:

Current Residence: Narnia
Favourite anime: Fairy Tail
Favorite Manga: Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji)
There's a lot to say...
I have not been uploading anything because...
-I'm lazy (sadly I must admit)
-Haven't had the time (with school and all)
-Waited...for a tablet....
WHICH I FINALLY GOT!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Time to finish requests from who knows back when...(which amounts to threeish)
1. :iconashleighjay:-warrior character
2. :iconshadow-okami:-pikachu
3. :iconclgpic: still doesn't know

Guys, I am really sorry, I'm the worst deviant ever...And I'm uploading new stuff...that I shouldn't uploaded eons ago.


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